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                    JUST 4 OIL AND GAS

- First oil and gas online marketing.

- Launched in December 2018 in Port Harcourt Nigeria.

- Mission is to become the engine of commerce and trade for oil and gas related businesses in Africa.

- Operate in all major Oil and Gas markets across Nigeria, with sales and offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja.

- Distribution of oil and gas products safely across the length and breadth of Nigeria and Africa at large.

- Services include the sales of the household energy products ranging from PMS, DPK and Gasoline, as well as the industrial AGO.

- Our platform also allows buyers and sellers of these products to meet and transact their businesses with ease and within legal terms.

- We also support the rentals and sales of industry equipment like trucks, Christmas trees, pipes, vessels, barges, swamp boogie among others.

- Optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the retail process;

- Lowest price guarantee, order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer service support and many other premium services.

With the largest oil and gas audience in Nigeria and a proven approach to sourcing and providing deep insights on all aspects of oil and gas, our focus is on improving the ways people engage with the industry, empowering the discovery of prospects and opportunities that inspire personal and professional successes.

Oil Hub provides the easiest way to run your business is joins today.





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Programs and Contents


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Sales and Marketing 


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